My favourite “pin” today…

If I had the time and could hand make everything in my shop, this would be one of the products I would make…

Christmas DIY

Martha Stewart DIY

These would look so cute on the mantel, on the tree or as part of a table centrepiece.  You can find the DIY here…Martha Stewart…Homemade House.

This week I’ve been setting up my Facebook page, pinning in Pinterest (which not only gives me inspiration for products but reminds me why I’m opening the shop…you can follow me here…The Holiday Shoppe on Pinterest), working on my logo, looking into the best eCommerce site to set my shop up on and have consulted my accountant on registering the business!  I’ve been pretty busy but still feel I’m making little progress as, until the business is registered, I can’t purchase stock and, while I’m going through the set-up process, I don’t have time to make any handmade stock!  Never mind that I also decided to get into this during school holidays so also have the 5 children to entertain.  I don’t think that I’ve ever been quite so sure about something though and that’s certainly keeping me motivated!

Come join me on my journey, give me advice if you have it or just give me some encouragement.  I look forward to posting as I go…



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