Easter Decorations and Inspirations…

I’ve been scouring the internet and some of my favourite blogs to see which Easter decorations we’re going to try this year…so far these ones have certainly caught my eye and will be attempted in the lead up!

I love the Strawberry Mommycakes blog, there are always such cute printables and yummy recipes. I really do spend a lot of time there and these printables certainly look like a fairly easy craft to do with the kids…I don’t have a Silhouette machine so will be tediously cutting these out by hand, worth it though for the cuteness factor!



Another option are these…although I was hoping to do it with real eggs, these are so cute that I’m willing to move on and do these instead. Not Martha is another favourite of mine and partly because the next post covers my initial request and I can pretty much find most things I’m after here, how can you not love it?!



Here is the real egg version, I would love to do these but somehow not use the cupcake paper cups…maybe washi tape over the part of the egg you’ve removed? No idea, I’ll post my after to show you what I decided…but still, these are so bright and the kids would love them!



And last, but certainly not least is another of my absolute favourites…I Heart Nap-Time. This blog never fails to delight me. This is certainly the triple threat of blogs for me. Gorgeous recipes, cute crafts and printables. I could spend all day there! This was one of my favs for this Easter and will definitely get made for the kids…



So, I hope you’ve found some inspiration here like I have! Easter may be late this year but it’s coming up fast, make sure you put some time aside to get some decorations up and craft done!


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