Head down…plow on…head up…smile


The past few weeks have seen big highs and some disappointments. Sometimes it’s easy to get bogged down in the hard parts of business (or life) but I prefer to persevere, put my head down, and solve my problems rather than dwell on them. It’s a part of life, nothing worth doing comes easily. In this instance, unfortunately I didn’t listen to my ‘finance gut’ and am struggling with a supplier. I won’t name and shame them, I’m exceptionally disappointed that they think it’s o.k. to take payment up front and then refuse to supply stock or return the money, but I do still think that what they sell is a beautiful product.  You can either choose to let things get you down or look at the bright side of things…I think I’ll choose the bright side. I actually found it very hard to sit and write a blog post the past few days, simply because I didn’t want to post something negative. It’s so against where I try and keep my head at, holidays are happy, life is a blessing, and it just didn’t seem right!

I do believe that everything happens for a reason and in the fight to get my money back and trying to decide what I should do with the gap left by taking that stock out of my shop, I’ve found two wonderful suppliers, with beautiful products, more fitting for the boutique feel I want! One is Jane Foster, from the UK, who uses beautiful Dutch, Scandinavian and Swedish retro inspired fabrics that she does the screen printing of herself. The other is Harper + Hudson who make wonderfully colourful and stylish teething necklaces which are perfect for Mother’s Day or any new mum, I wish I had some!

Since I really struggled to write a post and just coast until inspiration hit me, I thought I would focus my efforts elsewhere and had a good look at my little shop and what didn’t feel right about it. The one thing that really bothered me was deciding on what I should charge for shipping, I took forever to make that decision and it still didn’t feel right.  So, instead of charging a tiered shipping rate as I originally had, I decided to just go for free shipping. I know that once I’ve found something I love, that shipping fee can make it or break it, especially when it’s a gift. I generally have an amount in my head that I want to spend and hate to feel like I have to spend less on their present depending on what the shipping fees are.  Well decision made and, free shipping at The Holiday Shoppe it is!

So, now back to trying to work out which Ad Words and SEO to focus on…I sure do wish that Google Analytics would tell me what my organic search terms are that people are using to find me. That would make life just a little easier. I’m trying to push my little shop as much as I can and, I must admit, that the advertising side and ‘getting it out there’ seem to be the toughest bit. I’m thinking of doing some markets and alternate types of advertising. I’ve started Twitter and Instagram and already have Facebook and my blog…my big question is…how on earth do you all find the time to populate all of the social media sites?! Is there a better way than having them populate each other or is that what you do? That all seems a bit redundant.

Any way, as I love to say…Come join me on my journey, give me advice if you have it or just give me some encouragement. I look forward to posting as I go…