The trouble with recipes and blogs…

So, I was ready for my weekly blog post the other day and thought to myself ~ it’s nearly St Patrick’s Day, let’s do a post about that! “Brilliant!” I said, how fitting, and timely, and clever…seeing as how I’m all about holidays and all that. Heh, that’s when reality came to visit…my post centres around the traditions of St Patrick’s Day and the one that I love…Irish Beef Stew (I don’t eat lamb – but let’s not give away the whole post!). Well, what better to post about, my recipe, when I cook it and so forth. Trouble is, I’m not exactly in the habit of photographing my food as I cook or after I’ve cooked it. With 5 kids, I’m lucky for that food to last more than 5 minutes in the pot after I’ve cooked it, never mind taking the artsy shots for my blog. It would also help if I had stewing beef at home…

Instead, you get a little about me…the stew will have to wait.

A few quick bites to get us going….

  •  I’m officially an accountant ~ blurgh…great start hey?! Please don’t go yet, it can only get better!

The Holiday Shoppe

  • I’m a mummy to five children…that would be Chop (9), Chicken (8), the Lollyman (3), Possum (1) and BigGuy (1) – not their real names obviously but their nicknames are much more descriptive. They are my inspiration, what drive me crazy, and what keep me sane. This picture was taken just over a year ago at our wedding…it’s terribly rare to get us all in one shot!
  • My twins were born early at 29 weeks and they were so tiny! Possum at 1244 grams and 72 days in hospital and BigGuy, 826 grams and 109 days in hospital. BigGuy came home on oxygen but has been off for a few months now and they are both doing incredibly well. You may see posts in future about the wonders of NICU and SCN nurses and the charities that support parents going through the journey, this is why, they are my little miracles and I owe these people immensely.
  • I love, and I mean love love love, shoes. Aside from my hubby and my children this is pure joy for me. I could stare at them, buy them and talk about them for hours. Not quite so pleasing for my hubby although he does support my habit…I suppose there could be worse!
  • I love doing craft…when I have time that is. Raising five kids, running a house and starting up The Holiday Shoppe is keeping me sufficiently busy to leave a pile of ‘want to do’ in my study! Before the twins were born I had a little business on the side where I made softies. Chicken & Scratch, in some strange way, maintained my sanity by keeping me creative while I was at home with my third. Unfortunately, after the twins were born, I couldn’t find the time to do markets and the prep work they involved. I still enjoy making those little guys though!
  • The Holiday Shoppe is my next move towards hopefully getting to stay home with my crew while maintaining my creative side and using my business knowledge. It’s been a lot of fun so far, I’m really enjoying the feeling of building something from scratch. I love all of the holiday seasons, my husband loves Christmas and can’t wait to help source all of the Christmas products!
  • My ultimate craft and as yet, unrealised, dream…is to make my own shoes…ahhhh, bliss. I am determined to do this one day!
  • I love spreadsheets. I know, I’m letting the crazy out! But the accountant in me loves a good spreadsheet. I missed it so much on my last bout of maternity leave that I created our budget from scratch. Not just any budget, I can download my bank statements, categorise my spend and it updates the summary sheet with actual and forecasted spend, running balances and over/under spend. What normal person would even bother? Urgh, don’t get me started, I know I’m not normal.
  • I struggle with the lack of creativity in my job. So, if you’re looking for someone to creatively complete your taxes, it certainly won’t be me! Mostly because I don’t even do my own taxes…that whole mechanic owning the worst car sorta thing. I do love my job, the people I will go back to work with and the sense of accomplishment I feel when I can tick off a project. But, needing to foster creativity, staying home with my kids and doing something that I love are the reasons for starting The Holiday Shoppe. I’m working hard to build this little dream big enough that I can stay home to look after my kids.
  • So, there’s a little more about me, welcome to my world, enjoy the ride and hang on!  This will be fun, and hard work, but mostly fun…